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  1. Create a new design in Gravit.
    • Create a new design in Gravit.

    • Set the size at 12"x12"

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  2. Choose the 'Star' Tool from the drawing tools drop down.
    • Choose the 'Star' Tool from the drawing tools drop down.

    • Click and drag to lay down a star. Don't worry about scale or orientation. Just get it put into the design.

    • Adjust the setting in the right sidebar. Adjust the number of points, the size, and corner types. You can make pretty shapes this way!

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    • Hide the fill color by clicking on the eye next to 'Fill', than set the border to black.

    • Set the height and width to 5"x5" in the top of the right sidebar.

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    • Create a copy of your design by hitting CMD+C.

    • Paste a new copy in using CMD+V. You can also use SHIFT+CMD+V to paste directly in place with the original. This will make the next few steps much easier.

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    • Use the 'Transform' drop down to set the scale to 90% in the X and 90% in the Y and hit apply.

    • Select the new smaller version, and copy it...than paste it in place again, then scale. Repeat until you have 10 shapes total.

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    • Hit Export and change the file type to SVG. Export and submit this file to be laser cut.

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